Frequently Asked Questions when Migrating from GCS Premier

I like GCS/First Essentials, it works for my company, so why do I have to migrate from GCS?

Exactly!! GCS Premier works for you and we understand why you don’t want to migrate away from an application that is working. GCS Premier is built on COBOL and Deltek wants to move clients to current technologies. (COBOL was originally developed in 1959 – and the COBOL language is outdated and finding programmers to keep the application current is extremely difficult as well) The GCS Product was originally called System 1 that was created back in the 1980’s. The Costpoint backend runs on an Oracle database or Microsoft SQL Server and Deltek can better support that program with their development team. The Costpoint 7 solution is considered the premier accounting solution for government contractors by Gartner so you would be jumping to the best in class ERP GOVCON software.

What if I refuse to migrate from GCS?

If you don’t migrate you run the risk of the system not working anymore and at some point Deltek will stop supporting the product so your entire accounting system may be down indefinitely. Think of running your car and not going to get service, it will break down and the gas station can’t service you anymore because it doesn’t have the parts. As the applications that run alongside GCS are upgraded, eventually the GCS Premier application will stop running. DANGER: be careful of GCS hosting providers supporting your decision if you don’t upgrade. GCS is eventually going away and your system will eventually become obsolete and Deltek will not be able to support you.

Upgrading from GCS to Costpoint or another solution

With any upgrade there are new ways to drive efficiencies while adding new functionality. We here at Iuvo can meet with you to talk about the possibilities in Costpoint while keeping the transition costs to the bare bone. There are so many options in Costpoint, if not careful, you can see your costs skyrocket for little return on the investment.

We have hundreds of years of actual work experience at Deltek. We have worked with over 325 project driven organizations, mostly government contractors and non-profits. While we pride ourselves in these applications, several others exist and we can discuss them with you. We believe that servicing our client starts with you first, second and last.

DMX Data Migration Tool from GCS to Costpoint

When migrating data from GCS Premier to Costpoint, Deltek provides the DMX tool. The DMX tool is a data migration program with a set of pre-defined structures. While the DMX will not bring over all your data the way you may want to configure your new architecture, it definitely has certain advantages and we can discuss the tool and see if it’s applicable for your conversion.

With some upfront planning, knowing your go-live date, we can look at bringing current year data and active projects. As required prior year history can be brought in for active projects and for comparable financial statements. Your Iuvo consultant has been thru these discussions hundreds of times and can sit down with you to discuss the most cost effective & efficient options for your business.

Implementation Design Considerations in Costpoint

Redesign financial architecture with the flexible account, organization and project structure in Costpoint.

Consider what data to bring over from GCS and look at the necessary reporting required for your organization

Basic Modules: General Ledger, Projects, Accounts Payable, Billings, Labor, Leave, Cost Pools, Project Inquiry & Reporting, System Administration, Product Definition, Basic Preprocessors (J/E, PO, A/P, Employee, Project)

Add on’s: Time & Expense, Budgeting & Planning and Subcontractor Management, Intercompany Work Order (“IWO”), Multi-Currency

Material Management Suite – Requisitions, Purchasing/Receiving, Inventory, Bill of Materials, Sales Order, Routings, Eengineering Change Notice, MRP, Production Control, MPS

What is the duration for implementing Costpoint?

The time it takes to implement Costpoint is typically 1 – 6 months. Your resources, your time and amount of dollars spent can all affect the timeline. We at Iuvo will help you make sound decisions regarding your financial architecture, staying away from designs that we know are costly and burdensome down the line. We will encourage making good decisions on data migration, proper training up front so we meet the go live date, and first month end financial close.

Can I use my other applications with Costpoint?

Absolutely, the underlying tables in Costpoint sit in either Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, a relational database so you will be able to connect with other systems; through Deltek’s preprocessors for bringing data into Costpoint, and a report writer or any ODBC connectivity tool for extracting data. (You can also use an ODBC tool for bringing data into Costpoint but we don’t recommend it unless you have prior experience.) Common systems used are Time & expense systems, like Deltek and Unanet, Payroll systems (ADP, Ceridian & Paychex), Budgeting systems and Report writers.

What software licensing options are available?

Iuvo will work directly with you as your trusted partner helping you negotiate the best price deal with Deltek as well as other vendors. However Deltek Costpoint pricing is extremely competitive and Deltek can provide a quote for you. Deltek can host the application (subscription based pricing), you can self-host (buy purchasing the software) or we can host the application for you (again you purchase the software) so you have many options.

Will my software costs increase?

It depends, Iuvo will work with you to ensure that software costs stay in-line with what you are paying now for GCS Premier. Factors include functionality, the number of users and whether you migrate to a subscription based license or purchase the software. We strongly believe the best software pricing can be negotiated directly with Deltek and you should continue to get your phone functional and technical support directly from Deltek.

From a look and feel perspective, Is Costpoint just an upgrade from GCS?

No, Costpoint is a new system, however both products we’re created at Deltek and some of the same developers who worked on designing GCS also helped to design Costpoint. Most importantly, there is new functionality in Costpoint 7.1.1 that brings the many accounting solutions under one single sign on.

Does Iuvo provide Training ?

Yes – once you decide to make the jump to Costpoint we can help you with the training.

The Iuvo team was former Deltek trainers at Deltek not only training Deltek clients but also trained Deltek consultants and taught Advanced level classes. In addition, Deltek University offers excellent training on Costpoint subject areas online. Gone are the days where you have to fly to Deltek to take 3-5 days of training. Deltek University has vastly improved the way it delivers training.

What does the implementation plan look like from GCS to Costpoint?


Design Architecture

Bring over (Selected) Data

Testing and more training

Go Live

First Month End Close


Will the implementation be onsite at our location or remote?

Both – in early 2000, implementations were all onsite at the client. Today we have tools that allow us to video conference, share screens, etc. This has produced great costs savings as you do not have to pay for airfare, hotel and per diem that can run as much as 30% of the total implementation costs. We will be onsite to see you, but we can use the tremendous tools to help save costs.

I’m on Deltek First Essentials? How long will Deltek support that product?

Currently you are on maintenance support right now and sustained support on April 30, 2018. Time is running out!

Can you help me and present a proposal to my organization?

Absolutely – please contact to discuss how we can begin our partnership with you in your journey from GCS Premier/First Essentials to Costpoint. (or even another solution)

What are your pricing options to help us with the implementation?

We will need to go through a detailed discovery of your business with you. After gaining an understanding of your business and what data you would like to bring over we can come up with a proposal with costs.

Why Iuvo?

Iuvo is a trusted and premier Deltek partner. We have over 100 years actually working at Deltek, as former employees in the roles of principal GCS consultant, principal Costpoint consultant, Time & Expense Consultant, report writer, data migration specialist, Budgeting & Planner consultant, trainer (clients, in-house and advanced topics) and Managing Director.

Our billable rates are lower because we are not burdened with high overhead rates. We pass those savings directly to you.

Our consultants have done hundreds of conversions before.

We take a particular interest in getting to know you and your business.

We have seen many implementations of Costpoint where the staff is new and they are using you as a training ground for their consultants while you are paying high hourly rates. We don’t do that at Iuvo.

We are a concierge service provider. As an extension of your staff we provide services that not only spans the scope of work of that particular service, but rather we take time to provide a holistic approach to your business. For example, rather than having one employee attached to your account, we typically have 2 to 4 professionals with different areas of expertise looking at your account and offering support from different vantage points. This assists with understanding how your company works and how it can increase productivity which leads to an increase of your return on investment.

Our motto is, “Our experience, your advantage”