Cloud Computing Services

Iuvo provides a full-scope Cloud Computing service that brings a piece-of-mind to its clients of data security and accessibility while alleviating the burdens on in-house IT networks.  Iuvo’s Cloud Computing Services is subscription-based and allows clients to transform IT services into a dynamic service supply chain without a significant investment.

Iuvo delivers both a public and private cloud computing service across diverse virtual and physical platforms so that its clients can quickly and fully capitalize on efficient and flexible networks with immediate optimized business values.

Turn-key Cloud Services

One environment for the collaboration, implementation and management of cloud services [HEADLINE]
Getting use of applications at a rapid rate for a minimal cost helps Iuvo’s clients realize business investment at lightning speed.  Iuvo’s turn-key cloud services allow clients to commence immediate use of their applications providing a competitive edge over their competition.

Iuvo’s clients only invest in utilized applications.  Iuvo can add resources on-demand as the need for applications increases allowing our clients to invest only in those applications used.

  • Quick Cloud Implementation
  • On-Demand Delivery Composite Services are provided via Packaged Applications
  • Fast Composite Service Deployment with a User-friendly Interface
  • Scalable Services with a User-Friendly Interface

Virtual Environment Management

Efficiencies, security, assurance, and optimization of your virtual environment [HEADLINE]
Let Iuvo bring efficiencies, security, assurance and optimization to your virtual environments.  Iuvo helps its clients quickly realize cost benefits and return on investment faster than in-house network environments.

Iuvo provides a problem-solving solution that includes full-scope management of virtual environments while delivering automated advancements allowing its clients to focus on opportunities and capitalizing on those opportunity costs.

  • Outstanding security, management and service assurances
  • Significantly lowering costs while quickly appreciating ROI
  • Innovative ways of speed and agility providing a new level of business competitiveness
  • Application delivery from any place and at any time

IT Management Software as a Service

IT Management Saas is an innovative and cost-effective solution to provide any-time, anywhere access to your mission critical software applications Iuvo provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to its clients in the area of software deployment as a service.  Iuvo hosts all of the Deltek® software products:  Deltek Costpoint®, Deltek GCS Premier®, Deltek Time & Expense®, Deltek GovWin®, Deltek Cobra®, Deltek winsight®, Deltek Open Plan®, Deltek Vision®, and IBM/Cognos 8 Business Intelligence®.

The Deltek® software applications are accessible to Iuvo’s clients anywhere and at any time giving our clients 24/7/365 access to their financial data.  Iuvo also hosts other enterprise software vendor products such as Microsoft® software products:  Microsoft Dynamic®; Microsoft Office®, Microsoft 2007®, Microsoft XP®, Microsoft Vista®; Microsoft SQL Server®; and Oracle® Operating Systems (Oracle Solaris®, Oracle® Linux, and Oracle VM® operating systems).

  • Accomplish greater ROI in record time
  • Minimize deployment time and resourcesS
  • Substantially lower risk
  • Greatly reduce overall costs
  • Add functionality as demand increases

Cloud Security

Bring a whole new level of data security controls to your business while ensuring process compliance to both public and private services.

Cloud computing brings many efficiencies, but also introduces a whole new element of security and compliance issues.  Iuvo provides a safe and secure virtual environment through its state-of-the-art cloud security services.  Iuvo’s clients rest assured that their software application and proprietary data is maintained in a highly guarded network environment.  Iuvo performs extensive due diligence and audits on its networks so as to provide clients with the utmost security and compliance solutions.

  • Expand enterprise network security to the cloud
  • Deliver security to both public and private cloud environments
  • Enable security and compliance capabilities from the cloud
  • Deliver extensive due diligence and auditing services to ensure cloud security