When the basic software vendor-provided technical support services don’t meet your needs, where do you go from there? Iuvo’s consulting services, that’s where! Iuvo provides consulting services on ERP software applications to help its clients overcome even the toughest challenges faced in operating complex software applications.

Consulting Services

Iuvo’s consulting services can be delivered on Deltek® software applications such as Deltek Costpoint®, Deltek GCS Premier®, Deltek Time & Expense®, Deltek GovWin®, Deltek Cobra®, Deltek winsight®, Deltek Open Plan®,Deltek Vision®, and IBM/Cognos 8 Business Intelligence®. Iuvo’s technical staff is also extensively knowledgeable in Microsoft Dynamic®; Microsoft Office®, Microsoft 2007®, Microsoft XP®, Microsoft Vista®; Microsoft SQL Server®; and Oracle® Operating Systems (Oracle Solaris®, Oracle® Linux, and Oracle VM® operating systems).

Where the rubber meets the road in your technological needs, you can rely on Iuvo to help you run efficient, cost-effective systems so as to optimize your investment while appreciate the best in ROI. Iuvo’s provides personalized technical services at the client site, working side-by-side with the IT, finance and operations staff to ensure integrated, full-coverage of ERP software applications.

On-site, collaborative consulting services enabling full-scale technical support above and beyond traditional maintenance services
Installation, implementation, and data conversion services for ERP software applications
Minimizing costs while maximizing ROI on ERP software application investments
Delivering a knowledgeable solution to complex ERP challenges