Fast, easy and cost-effective technical support services available around the clock to support your Deltek®, IBM/Cognos®, Microsoft® or Oracle® software applications

Iuvo’s clients enjoy the assurances of a one-stop-shop for all of its technical support needs when it comes to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications. Iuvo provides technical support for the Deltek®, Microsoft® or Oracle® software applications. Our clients can call Iuvo to ask questions, report a problem and receive bug-fixing advice, or install bug patches and upgrades.

While purchasing maintenance services for software applications directly from the vendor is important, those services only deliver so much in value. Iuvo delivers that added-value to the general vendor-provided maintenance services, such as “how to” advice for example, when such added-value would come at an extra (and more expensive) cost if only purchased directly from the software vendor.

Iuvo’s technical staff has decades of experience in Deltek® software applications such as Deltek Costpoint®, Deltek GCS Premier®, Deltek Time & Expense®, Deltek GovWin®, Deltek Cobra®, Deltek winsight®, Deltek Open Plan®, Deltek Vision®, and IBM/Cognos 8 Business Intelligence®. Iuvo’s technical staff is also extensively knowledgeable in Microsoft Dynamic®; Microsoft Office®, Microsoft 2007®, Microsoft XP®, Microsoft Vista®; Microsoft SQL Server®; and Oracle® Operating Systems (Oracle Solaris®, Oracle® Linux, and Oracle VM® operating systems).

Global technical services that bring real-time, cost effective technical solutions to Iuvo’s clients
Technical advice, bug patch installation, upgrade installation and much more to ensure your Deltek®, Microsoft® and/or Oracle® software applications continue to run smoothly
Services from anywhere on the globe