Projects include government contractors, non-profits and commercial businesses increase the value in their business by providing implementation services, outsourced accounting, staff augmentation, system consulting (on CAS, FAR and MMAS) and IT consulting.

With a major focus on the government contractor market and project driven organizations, each Iuvo Team Member is well-versed on the financial management challenges government contractors face including DCAA (and Inspector General) audit compliance. Our team is committed to constantly seeking ways to help our clients improve their efficiency and efforts.

Services Provided

  • Implementation Consulting

  • Outsourced Accounting

  • Information Technology Services

  • Project Management

  • Training

  • Staff Augmentation

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Consulting Services

  • System Integration

  • Computer Hardware & Software

  • Contract Management

  • Data Migration

Applications Supported:

QuickBooks ® 

Deltek Costpoint® 

Deltek GCS Premier® 

Deltek Time & Expense® 

Deltek Employee Self Service® 

Deltek Enterprise and Project Planner®

Deltek Cobra®

IBM Cognos®

Deltek MPM®


Areas of Concentration:

Accounting & Finance

Human Resources & Benefits



Budgeting & Forecasting

Manufacturing/Material Management

Earned Value Management

Report Authoring

Payroll Outsourcing

Web Hosting / Technical Maintenance Plans

Iuvo implements our client's vision by providing critical services to ensure our clients get high utilization from dollars spent as well as more efficient ways to operate their business.


We are driven daily by a set of core values.

Fiscal Responsibility

We act with a sense of accountability and care in all aspects of our work and ensuring financial stability.


We pursue both individual and organizational excellence. This is demonstrated by a disciplined approach to following our processes and methodology as well as a personal commitment to delivering services that meet or exceed expectations.

Client Satisfaction

Our primary goal is to satisfy our clients. We meet client needs with a sense of urgency, the time necessary to fulfill and often exceed the need, and careful consideration. We treat our clients with respect and appreciation.


We believe in fostering positive, long-term relationships with our clients. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve the success you deserve.